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8 Reasons to buy on quality over price

For any consumer the choice of wood flooring in London (and the UK is wide.  Price normally dictates the quality when shopping at D.I.Y. stores and on-line shopping, which means people can purchase flooring from £5 per M².  If this is you, please click away now.

Elements of wood are a wood flooring london company and boutique supplier of quality and distinctive wood flooring. We’d like to encourage you to lay your next wooden floor with quality and design in mind, especially over price and mass production.  Our wood flooring solutions are amongst the industries best standards, are uniquely designed by Ritu and come with a solid 10 year warranty.  This backed with a reputable, sustainable and quality production process.

Consider our quality wood flooring for the following reasons:

  1. Full 10 Year warranty.  Cheaper alternatives, will offer 2-5 years.
  2. Industry best production.  Cheaper alternatives are more likely to fade, snap, break, chip and scuff.
  3. Environmentally better.  Cheaper production process normally means expensive to the planet, but cheap for the consumer.
  4.  Signature Designs.  You can only buy wooden flooring designed by me from www.elementsofwood.com  You will not find it in the high-street, DIY stores or ebay.  You can find our products in key retailers around the UK, who can assist with installation.
  5. Signature Designs.  I invite some of the UK’s leading art & designers to co-produce wood flooring tones that are exclusive and unique.

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