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Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

SPEED: Time indeed is money and if truly you are concerned about time when it comes to beautifying your home, engineered wood flooring is your number one bet. Unlike solid wood flooring that can warp and be difficult to work with engineered wood flooring can be installed easily and thus reduce stress. Money spent on a quality product therefor reduces additional hours spent on installation and maintenance.

NATURAL WARMTH: When you are in search of natural warmth in your home, engineered wood flooring is a popular choice.

CONSTRUCTION: Engineered hard wood is built in layers and bonded together with the use of adhesives. The top layer is thick and hard while the lower layers consist of multiple layers of plywood, HDF or solid wood.  Also, the top layer exudes natural ambience and beauty while the layers beneath have the characteristics of vitality, strength and stability.

GENUINENESS: Questions have been asked whether engineered hard wood flooring can be compared with solid hardwood. Well, this curiosity will be considered in detail below but it should be noted that the genuineness of engineered wood flooring is comparable. We must say too that not every home is compatible with solid hardwood floor. More often than not, the warmth, beauty, longevity and impressive stability make it preferable to any other choice.

INSTALLATION: Engineered wood flooring is easy to install even on an existing floor. Thanks to technological innovation, it is quicker to arrange as-well.

VARIETIES: What type of wood flooring gives you options like that of engineered wood flooring? A typical engineered wood floor comprises 3 or more layers of wood which are selected from various wood species. So, options for every home are no-longer limited. You can pick different types for your sitting room, bedrooms, kitchen, and library amongst others – speak to our designer for some creative ideas!

COST EFFECTIVENESS: Complete solid hardwood flooring is usually expensive. No thanks to factors like sourcing, shipping, workmanship and even the possibility of having to repaint the wall close to the floor. Fortunately, the case is otherwise with engineered wood flooring as structural and aesthetic benefits come without having to part with all of your money. Also, there is room for refurnishing an engineered wood floor after a particular period of time.

DURABILITY: Even if you are going to put your time and money into making your home warm and inviting, it should be worthwhile. With engineered wood flooring there should be no need to worry about wear and tear, the wood species are of high quality and durable. The product is made to order and inspected to a high finish before delivery. There is a good warranty and any liability due to manufacturing is carried by the engineered wood flooring manufacturer.

GREENESS: More than anything, engineered wood floors help to promote forest conservation. This is because like for like, engineered wood floors use upto four times less solid wood without losing any of the aesthetic qualities.

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