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If you are thinking about re-styling your home and are deliberating over whether to pick engineered wood flooring or solid wood flooring let us help you decide. There are many factors to choose from and many products on the market – let us help you decide on what is best for you.

Well, the good thing about engineered wood and solid wood is that both are sourced from 100% sustainable sourced wood. However, when concerned with the dimensional stability that engineered woods have for ever changing weather temperatures, stress-free installation, durability and more, you should not think twice about going for it.

A key question when picking engineered wood flooring or solid wood flooring is during the installation of engineered wood flooring only requires a simple procedure and does not demand specialist skills, this goes a long way to reducing expenses.

Engineered wood floor makes for a profitable investment, it can keep up with modern trends as you can always re-style by sanding and staining as long as it is of good quality and the correct thickness. When considering moving into a new home, you can get an amazing return on investment from your engineered hard wood floors.

  • Samples: The reality is that most engineered wood flooring you can find in the market is produced in bulk. They come in varying dimensions and this could make installation difficult if you source form more than one company. The same applies to the stains/finishes of the floor, therefor you should make use of samples before you select. Before you finally select, compare and contrast the thickness of the board and the separate layers, pay detailed attention to the number of lower layers and the thickness. Above all, don’t forget to ask questions when things are not clear. If the manufacturer/supplier/retailer is finding it hard to provide answers, you should go where your money, time and effort will be understood.

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