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7 Trade tips for choosing luxury hardwood flooring

To create great looking Luxury hardwood Flooring in your home requires several important functional and design considerations to get it right. Whether you are considering natural looking Luxury hardwood flooring we thought about sharing these trade secrets. So, pay close attention to these trade tips!


With thousands of colors and styles to select from today it can seem like a daunting task to make the right flooring choice (shameless plug to start in my boutique store Click here). To narrow the field down it is recommended that you select a flooring style that complements your overall interior design style.

Nothing will look worse that a glaring clash of styles or colour, so make sure your new flooring complements your existing (of planned) interior design. Look here for a quick summary of matching Luxury hardwood Flooring and their design styles.

If you are working from a blank canvass namely an empty room, consider the aspects of the room first, for example: Is it well lit?, would dark wooden floor be better than light or would you settle for medium tones? Will it be minimalist or full of furniture? How much of the wooden floor is exposed?

If you are in any doubt, there are a couple of options available that Elements Of Wood can help with:

1. Email the room image to info@elementsofwood.com and we’ll help you with your design concepts & Interior

2. Order a sample from our store @ £10 each. (We will refund you when you make purchase of the full floor). Every product page has the facility to order a sample. Full details are also in our answers page or store and each product page has full technical specifications, like this one:



Almost every install will have physical or functional requirements that will further narrow down the scope and selection of an appropriate hardwood or laminate flooring system. Here is a brief summary of factors to consider:


The quantity and type of traffic you expect on your floors will impact the flooring material you can choose. Laminates offer high durability, as well as wood species that have high “hardness rankings” on the Janka scale. Softer woods are generally not a good selection for high traffic areas.


The quality of any new Luxury hardwood Flooring installation can only be as good as the sub-floor underneath. For the best outcomes, the subfloor should be dry, stable, and level. Concrete sub-floors generally are only acceptable for laminate installations, but you should be mindful of installing a quality underlay provides an appropriate moisture barrier as well as good sound installation.

Poor/cheap laminate installations will sound very hollow when walking on it more over when the room is minimalist or has little furniture.

Please also see our previous blog post about “Floating Floor’s, when to use them”


To prevent warping and cupping of floors make sure there is adequate ventilation and regulated temperatures thought the year. Laminates work best in areas that experience higher humidity levels.


The time and cost of installation is an often overlooked factor in floor selection decisions. Glueless click-style floating laminate floor systems can be a weekend project for experienced do-it-yourselfers, and can save a lot of installation labor. Other flooring installation methods are generally more complex and will require professional installation in most cases.


Making a successful claim under a flooring warranty often requires that you can demonstrate the product was installed exactly as per the manufactures recommendations and that the damage is not a product of wear and tear or poor workmanship.

Hiring a professional installer and dealing with a large brand name product that has an established track record is your best protection.

Elements of Wood can help with both warranty claims should your product be faulty (10 year warranty on all products) and of course professional installation to keep with proper fitting instructions.

Still not sure? Call Ritu or the team on 0208 168 0075 or email us for a friendly chat info@elementsofwood.com

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