Ritu's Story

Flooring Design Service
Ritu Chawla

Born and raised in London my keen eye for pattern, colour and textiles growing up led me to study at Nottingham Trent University where I specialized in woven textiles. After working within the fashion industry for market leading high street labels in the U.K. and America, traveling to many inspiring countries along the way, I established myself in London as a colour and trend designer with over 20 years’ experience.

While renovating my Victorian home I realized there was a lack of choice for beautiful, high quality wood floors that are environmentally sourced and produced. To my surprise the vast majority of wood floors on the market are not FSC certified (responsibly management of the world’s forests)and I found it very frustrating that these floors are available for sale at all! I wanted a floor that would sit well within my home as well as my conscience. I started to search all over Europe to find a producer that held the same values as I do, Aesthetic Beauty, High Quality and Environmental considerations. I didn’t know it at the time but this was the start of Elements of Wood.

We are now a supplier of high quality, bespoke wooden floors that are environmentally sound and importantly, affordable.

Aesthetic Beauty

The look and feel of a wood floor is vital and I have developed this collection with the intention of having a small and versatile range of wood floors that will sit perfectly in even the most demanding interior space.

Best Quality

The construction method and materials of the planks and herringbone are the best available. All our products are constructed using the Cold Press Hydraulic Lamination process. This process takes a bit longer, but it results in a very stable, top quality plank and herringbone block, ensuring our products are compatible with underfloor heating.


To put it simply ALL our floors are 100% FSC certified (Click here for FSC website). We do not offer cheaper non-certified floors. We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet and we only ever offer 100% FSC certified floors, it’s the right thing to do.