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Wood Flooring Care: 4 Essential tips to keeping your floor in top nick

In order to enjoy the full benefits of a Luxury wood floor, you have to apply the right maintenance techniques. Since hard wood, no matter how sturdy, is organic, it can be susceptible to wear and decay if you do not take care of it. Thus, if you want it to last for a long time, you must be diligent enough to maintain it with proper cleaning and waxing.

Luxury wood floorings can be expensive as an initial outlay, but they do last a lot longer if cared for properly. And because they are an investment, it is but prudent to make sure that you get the maximum value for your money as the years progress. Thus, we face the question. How do we take care of our Luxury wood floorings? Consider the tips below.

– Avoid too much sun exposure

If the room where your Luxury wood flooring is has a large window, protect it from the sun using sheer curtains or blinds. Ultra violet rays are said to have ill effects on Luxury wood floorings.

– Don’t drag your furniture around, there are other tips on this subject in our blog.

This pertains particularly to the large furniture. If you want to move your oak sofa to another location, use a dolly or have people lift it. Never drag it across the floor as it may scar the finish or dig deep into the wood itself. Also, use felt contacts under the furnitures’ legs to prevent their weight from creating scratches and dents on the flooring.

Clean up spills when they happen to keep your wooden flooring looking pristine– Clean up spills and stain immediately and never leave damp/wet for long periods.

If your Luxury wood flooring has a good and intact finish, then you have nothing to worry about. But if it has already been there for a while, the finishing might already be stripped off and allow the water to seep into the wood. When this happens, sanding and refinishing the part of the floor that got wet is a good idea. If this technique fails, you might have to replace that particular plank with a new one.


– Mop your Luxury wood flooring regularly, hoovering lightly only when absolutely necessary.  Use professional cleaning solutions to assist mopping.

Use a mop with very fine contact as they are most effective in trapping grit and dust from the creases and corners of your flooring.

Broom bristles that are too soft might only drag the dust further into your flooring and fill the cracks and over time the wooden flooring will become dull and untidy.



In conclusion, the way you care for your Luxury wood flooring should mirror how you care for things you value. Your Luxury wood flooring not only provides physical beauty to your home but also ushers in a sense of home comfort that will forever be in use on a daily basis.

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As always, thanks for reading and hope the quick tips are useful to extend the lifetime of your floor.  Whether you have installed a new floor already, these pro tips are designed to keep your luxury wooden flooring in top nick!

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